How To Stay Cool If Your AC Breaks?

AC Breaks

The failure of any home equipment is a nuisance, but having your ac breaks down in the midst of a hot summer day is one of the most inconvenient scenarios imaginable.

Maintaining a suitable temperature inside of your house is one of the primary responsibilities of an air conditioner.

ac breaks

If you treat your cooling system with the respect it deserves and get it maintained on a regular basis, it should be able to perform reliably. However, there is always the possibility that something would go wrong, which would result in your air conditioner not operating at all. This is something that can happen at any time.

You need to make sure that you contact an HVAC repair crew as soon as possible in order to have the problem fixed. In the meanwhile, homeowners may take a few preventative measures to keep themselves cool.

Because after that, though, you will need to devise a plan to deal with the heat until the system is back up and running. If you do not have air conditioning, your house might soon reach an intolerable temperature if the weather outside is hot and humid. Make advantage of these tips to remain cool while your air conditioning unit is broken in order to maintain comfort in both your house and yourself.

Allow Fresh Air to Enter by Opening Windows and Doors if ac breaks

Windows and doors may need to be opened if the temperature outside is lower than the temperature within. Remember to keep an eye on the weather and any pets in the home. Remember that as the sun sets, the air will be a lot colder. It is possible for flies and other creatures to enter via open doors and windows throughout the day. This means that the displays should be in excellent condition.

Keep Shades Down if ac breaks

When the light does come up, it is probably a good idea to bring the blinds down. The temperature within the house will rise if the rays of the scorching sun are permitted to penetrate it. The use of blinds or shades will reduce the amount of sunlight entering a room, which will naturally result in a cooler environment.

Consider the above statement a suggestion that the blinds and shades be kept in place. Blinds that have portions that are broken enable sunlight to enter the room. You will need a suitable and efficient barrier if you are going to keep the sunshine at bay.

Run Your Fans if Ac Breaks

I am crossing my fingers that you have more than a few of respectable fans in the house. They are able to move the air about and offer a degree of cooling so that the space is more comfortable. Regrettably, fans cannot “produce cold air” in the same way that an air conditioner can. By circulating air throughout the room, however, they provide the “illusion” that the temperature is lower than it really is.

Additionally, the device will work in an unexpected manner if you turn the fan such that it rotates counterclockwise. The fan will draw the hot air from the lower part of the house and circulate it while also pulling the cooler air from elsewhere in the house. Even while it is not a perfect replacement for an air conditioner, the fan does give a big increase to the level of comfort in this manner.

Play In the Water If AC Breaks

Getting into the water is, without a doubt, one of the most effective methods to cool down. It is a wonderful place to go and relax if you have a pool or if there is one nearby that you can use. You might also try just running through the sprinkler.

Be cautious to protect everyone from the sun by applying sunscreen before going outdoors to play in the water. Burns, dry skin, wrinkles, and even skin cancer are all possible outcomes of sun damage. When the heat starts to get to you, take a cold shower instead of going outside to play in the water if you don’t have any other option.

Cool Drinks and Cool Foods

The temperature of your body may be somewhat controlled by the foods and liquids you put into it. If you are already too warm, you probably shouldn’t take any hot liquids like soup or tea. This will have no effect other than to make you feel warmer.

Instead, put your attention on some refreshing meals and beverages. Consuming foods and beverages that have a high proportion of water can also assist you in maintaining a healthy level of hydration. Popsicles, iced tea, fruit, and veggies are some excellent choices that may be made. These will prevent you from overheating while also making up for the water you lose via perspiration.

Choose Breathable Fabrics if AC breaks

Intense heat may make it almost impossible to fall or stay asleep. Choose breathable textiles for your bed so that you may sleep comfortably even when the temperature outside is rising.

Throw out any heavy blankets, pillows, or duvets, and switch to lightweight cotton or bamboo bedding in their stead. There are also cooling pillows and sheets available, both of which assist control temperature and keep you cool while you are in bed. Pick up some pajamas made of cotton or another breathable fabric.

Rely On Light Clothing if AC Break

When you’re in a heated environment, the clothing you choose to wear may have a significant impact on how comfortable you are. You need to choose loose-fitting clothes made of a lightweight fabric, and anything you wear need to be comfortable and accommodating.

Your body will be able to breathe more easily when you have cool clothing and bedding to sleep on. You might also try wearing less overall. At this point, you should put on your swimsuit or some shorts and a tank top and relax.

Avoid Cooking If Ac Breaks

Cooking, by its very nature, produces heat. The heat will only make a difficult situation more difficult. You are going to have to eat, so what kind of preparations should you make? Consume meals that don’t need any cooking on your part. Sandwiches and salads served cold fall within this category.

You can always cook them on the grill outside if you don’t have the ingredients on hand. At the very least, the heat you produce will be contained outside the residence. You also have the option of ordering food to your house. In this manner, you will be able to have some warm meals without having to switch on the oven.

Use Ice if AC Breaks

If you are suffering from high heat, you should attempt to keep yourself cool by utilizing ice and ice packs. You may keep your mouth busy all day by chewing on ice, or you can rub it directly into your skin. You may wrap it in a cloth if you find that holding it in your bare hand for an extended period of time is too unpleasant for you. Position the ice pack so that it is against the part of your body that is producing the most perspiration.

Keep yourself hydrated if AC Breaks.

Drinking enough water allows your body to more effectively control its temperature, so keep that in mind. Your goal for the day should be to consume at least 64 ounces of fluids, including water and other beverages. Be cautious about what you put in your cup, since alcohol and beverages that are high in sugar might actually cause you to lose water. Staying hydrated may be made more enjoyable with the help of water that has been flavored with fresh fruits.


Any issues that may be developing with the air conditioner might be discovered during the yearly check. The air conditioner is subject to normal wear and tear, which may result in possible problems. Normal wear requires that components be replaced. Alternating current might abruptly stop working due to other difficulties, such as unanticipated wiring faults.

These problems could be discovered in advance by a comprehensive examination. A prudent course of action would consist of making an appointment for an inspection before the arrival of summer. This is something that is best done in the spring. Consideration of maintenance agreements is another possible solution.


At AC ALL STARS, we are very aware of how essential it is for you to have your HVAC system back up and running as soon as possible. Because of this, we’ll get it done as fast as possible so that you won’t have to rely on these guidelines for an excessively long time.

In point of fact, you can depend on us to get your cooling system functioning correctly and to keep it going well via a comprehensive variety of services, including repairs, installation, and maintenance,. In the wintertime, when you’re shivering from the cold, we’ll do the same for your heating system. In addition, we provide aid with indoor air quality, clean ducts, and a comprehensive selection of electrical services. Give us a call right now to find out more information on maintaining your cool in Florida.

Frequently asked questions

What is the fastest way to cool a room without AC?

  • When the sun is out, draw the drapes and replace them with darker ones.
  • At night, keep your windows and interior doors open.
  • Put some ice or water on a tray and put it in front of the fan.
  • Change the Blades of Your Ceiling Fan as the Weather Changes.
  • Sleep Low.
  • Allow the cool night air to enter.
  • Make the Switch to LED Light Bulbs for All of Your Light Bulbs, Including Incandescent and Fluorescent Options.

How can I keep my house cool without AC?

  • Make sure that your ceiling fan is spinning in the opposite direction of the clock.
  • Make sure that your curtains are blocking the heat.
  • Make sure that you open your windows in the evening.
  • Make sure that you are using cotton sheets.
  • Turn On Your Kitchen Exhaust Fan. …
  • Drink More Water.
  • Create A Cross Breeze.

Does putting ice in front of a fan work?

Make use of an ice bucket. It is possible to make an excellent DIY air conditioner by positioning a bucket of ice in front of a fan. ” The air will get cooler as it passes over the ice, and as it circulates about the room, it will spread cold air that is revitalizing.

How do you get hot air out of a room?

Make the switch to compact fluorescent lamps or light emitting diodes. Hang wet clothes to dry and wash dishes by hand.

Make an investment in a fan that mists the air.

Increase the frequency with which you power down your computer and screen.

Make the most of natural convection by dressing your windows with insulated curtains or honeycomb blinds.


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