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Air conditioning Preventative Maintenance

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We offer you to join the best program to keep you A/C system healthy all year round. What you’ll get is a healthy, reliable and quick-starting A/C system every summer.

Why do I have to have preventative maintenance?

It is because heating and cooling systems are energy consuming. Maintenance ensures efficiency, prevents damage to the condenser fan motor, compressor, etc. Preventative maintenance also extends lifetime of condensers, evaporators, driers and other components. Your A/C system will stay efficient and be able to provide you with a comfortable environment for a whole year!

What is involved in preventative maintenance?

Maintenance includes visual inspection of all your A/C system components, checking refrigerant pressures. We’ll replace the oil in the compressor, clean evaporator coils and check for leaks, replace any worn out parts that need attention. Your service will include cleaning driers and charging up the system with the correct amounts of R-22 Freon (if needed). We also add a UV dye to find any other leaks if they exist outside the condenser (optional) and lubricate all moving parts on or in your air conditioner.

10 Years Warranty On All Major Brands

What are the advantages of preventative maintenance?

·Your A/C system will be healthy and provide you with a comfortable environment;

·Air conditioning starts quick and maintains proper temperature;

·Your heating and cooling bills will be lower due to increased efficiency;

·You won’t have to worry about A/C system breakdowns.

The whole process takes between 1 and 2 hours depending on the size of your house or business.

What is included in preventative maintenance? We’ll replace: The air filter, check for refrigerant leaks, check the pressures and add the correct amount if needed (we use R-22 Freon), clean evaporator coils, clean condenser fan motor and blades if necessary, lubricate moving parts on or in your air conditioner.

Condensers and evaporators are checked for any signs of wear or damage; driers and pressure switches are checked and if necessary we’ll replace them. Other components such as all rubber items, belts, bearings and gaskets will be inspected and replaced if needed. All this is done while inspecting your air conditioning system for leaks (we add a water dye to find any hidden leaks).

The whole process takes between 1 and 2 hours depending on the size of your house or business. We’ll add a UV dye to find any other leaks if they exist outside the condenser (optional).

How frequently should I have it done?

A/C systems in coastal areas and hot weather regions should be inspected every three months. A/C systems in moderate climates should be inspected every 3-6 months.

What is the warranty?

The limited warranty of one year includes all parts and labor charges for any defective components. A/C Performance uses only the best after market replacement parts available in the service industry today. We are mindful of your budget, which is why we are committed to keeping our pricing affordable.

How much does preventative maintenance cost?

We will check your system and give you a quote before we start any work. We find that most of our customers appreciate the honesty and prefer not to be surprised with an unexpected bill at the end of the job. We will review our estimate with you before we start to do any work. Preventative maintenance price begins at $89.90, please contact us for more information.

Is there an extra charge for other components replacement?

There is no additional charge for replacing any part that needs attention while inspecting your A/C system (condenser fan motor or blade, evaporator coil, etc.). If we find another component faulty it will be added to the invoice accordingly. If you want to replace anything outside what is included in our standard inspection (e.g., drier, pressure switch), it will be priced separately according to your specific needs and requirements.

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